Contract production
Extended workbench
Tool making
Contract production

Machining – top quality and flexibility

DEGNER offers you know-how and the highest quality in manufacture of individual components or small batch series. Through continuous investments and highly skilled and flexible employees, we can offer you premium services.

Our customers value us as a highly knowledgeable and flexible partner in mechanical processing. We manufacture on your behalf according to your specifications.

  • Milling
  • Drilling
  • Plane grinding
  • Wire cutting
  • Sawing
  • Stamping
  • Measuring
  • Assembly

Our superbly equipped machine park is at your disposal. Latest CAD software enables us to process all common file types. Naturally we can also manufacture according to plans, patterns or models and create files as requested. Take advantage of our expertise and our resources for your products with short delivery times and our absolute adherence to delivery dates.

Through our project management team, we are able to manufacture and process or partially process individual components and small batch series in the highest quality - flexibly and on a short notice. Our project management team can also offer the following services besides contract production on demand:

  • Model and casting procurement
  • Necessary tempering
  • Rework / finish
  • Coatings

We are constantly evolving, especially in the field of machining. We cooperate with leading software companies and application engineers.

Contract production

Drilling and milling with the following machining area
X = 700mm to 5000mm
Y = 550mm to 2500mm
Z = 500mm to 1750mm

In our machining centre we can manufacture individual components or small batch series. We can machine any type of material that can be cut including hardened steel.

  • Small and bulky parts up to 25 t
  • Highly sophisticated geometries
  • Milling of single components for assembly
  • Freeform, hard and high speed cutting in perfection
  • High feed cutting especially for panel processing
  • 5-sided machining
  • 3 to 5-axis simultaneous milling
  • Rotary table machining
  • NC-programming – 100% collision-tested off-line programming based on 3D models

Plane grinding up to 1,200mm x 600mm x 750mm

Wire-cutting up to 400mm x 250mm x 250mm

Sawing 520mm x 620mm

Stamping up to 10000kN pressing force – for tryouts and small batch series

Measuring of 3D surfaces - stationary and mobile technology

Logistics loads up to 50t

Extended workbench

Extended workbench - to your benefit

With a high production capacity and distinctive flexibility, DEGNER supports your manufacturing and assembly with years of experience for planned and unplanned processes.

Take advantage of our state-of-the-art technology, our production capacities and our production capabilities.

  • Individual components
  • Assembly groups – e.g. partial assembly or function-tested
  • Individual operations – including tryouts
  • Spare parts – according to data, patterns or adaptations
  • Maintenance and repair of foreign tools
  • Modification, optimisation and completion of foreign tools

DEGNER strengthens your manufacturing by acting as an extended workbench in case of machine failures, overcapacities, outsourcing of production stages and last-minute modifications.

We realise your projects correctly, on time and we integrate seamlessly into your process chain.

Increase your manufacturing capacity and flexibility.

Tool making

Tool making

Design, development, manufacturing, tryout and quality assurance of sheet metal stamping tools are our expertise.

DEGNER is a renowned manufacturer of tools with more than 40 years of experience. Our core competencies are:

  • Insert, cutting and punching tools
  • Progressive tools
  • Blanking tools
  • Transfer dies
  • Hydroforming tools

Our tools are innovative and designed to meet the diverse needs of our customers. They contain useful methods of forming and connection technology. We provide tools up to a size of 5000 mm x 2450 mm and a weight of up to 40 metric tons.

Our range of parts consists of structural parts in various dimensions and varies from brackets to cant-rails. We use up to date material alloys based on aluminium, stainless steel, high-strength and higher-strength steels with various surface refinements.

Thanks to an individual support from our project management, your projects are implemented proficiently and according to your wishes. DEGNER guarantees a replacement part capability in all processes.

Our list of customers includes companies from the automotive industry and their sub-suppliers, the domestic appliance industry, the mechanical engineering and construction, the shipbuilding industry, the glass industry, the plastics industry and utilities.

As a manufacturer of tools, DEGNER also assumes services in all areas of tool manufacturing.

Take advantage of our expertise, our leading technologies and our absolute adherence to delivery dates.